Who We Are


Family Businesses of America (FBOA) provides a transparent and safe environment on a monthly basis to discuss and share the occasional family issues that arise when working for the family business.  Once a month a member of the FBOA is appointed to present to the other members on a Family Business issue, Business issue and share a fun family story.  The members of the group provide feedback and helpful ideas to assist the presenter with resolving that issue.  Through sharing perspectives and collaboration we are avoiding potential mistakes that could be detrimental to the family business as a whole.  


At FBOA we are all about the preservation and advancement of Family Business especially sharing resources and perspective.  We have created a unique way for this to transpire.  Through our social membership option you gain access to our quarterly events, where you can meet, talk/discuss current and past Family Business issues as well as enjoy yourself in a social atmosphere.  Also, access to our social media and blog will help create and answer many questions and/or problems you may be facing.  There is no pressure as referrals, stories and experiences are encouraged but not required.  Happy Connecting!


Education is the key to growth and opportunity. Hosting speakers to educate members about  Family Business Dynamics and provide insight on how to preserve and grow the family business.  The speakers are accomplished in their companies and ensure our members are challenged to think outside the box and continue in an upward trend for their own Family Business.