Top 10 FBOA-isms

Each Meeting

Each meeting has 1 main presenter. There will also be time for additional issues to be brought up during each meeting. It is the requirement of the individual to send his presentation (if he is the main presenter) or additional issues questionnaire completely filled out to the POD secretary at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Meetings typically will last 3-4 hours. Your participation is welcomed and appreciated.

Presenter Meetings

As a standard tradition the previous month’s main presenter shall meet with the current month’s presenter to accomplish a recap/follow up/accountability for the previous month’s presenter. The current month’s presenter should have a rough draft to review with the last month’s presenter to hone in and get the most out of their upcoming presentation. This process continues in perpetuity. For example if John presented in October and Sam is presenting in November, John and Sam should meet 1-2 weeks prior to Sam presenting at the November meeting. Cam is scheduled to present in December, so Sam and Cam need to meet 1-2 weeks prior to Cam presenting in December.

Mission Statement

Mission statement is read at every POD meeting as a reminder of why we come to each meeting: The Mission of Family Businesses of America is to equip next-generation business leaders in the preservation and advancement of their family’s business through education, problem solving, sharing resources and perspective. Honoring and improving our legacy through honesty, integrity, and respect while forging long-lasting personal and business relationships within the organization.


Attendance is required. We purposely setup these meetings once a month on the same day each month. You are allowed to miss up to 3 nonconsecutive meetings. If you miss 3 consecutive meetings it is recommended you be dismissed from the POD. If you miss more than 3 nonconsecutive meetings throughout the year then it is up to the POD’s board whether or not to dismiss you from the POD. If they keep you in the POD it is recommended that a $50.00 donation be made to the charity of choice by the POD board.


You are required to pay annual dues once per year or per month. If your POD chooses to hold the meeting in a place that requires payment, it is recommended that the POD collect funds for the meals once a year. If you miss any meetings, there is no refunds for missed meetings.


Every member has the ability to be on the POD board. Terms are 1 year limits and multiple members can hold the same positions (if allowed by the current board). Every year members shall submit their names for specific positions and then a majority vote shall occur.


Referrals and business relationships are encouraged, but not required.

POD Limit

Each POD’s membership is capped at 18 members. This is specifically planned in order to allow for a positive group setting and discussion. If a POD has an excess of members, a new POD can be started to accommodate the additional members.

New Members

New membership should be discussed at each POD meeting, by the POD membership chair. All interested new members shall first fill out an application and pay the new applicant fee and annual national dues, at which time the local POD will review the application. After review and approval by the POD board their membership application is sent for approval to the national membership chairs. Once accepted by the National membership chairs then the new member shall fill out and sign the final application. New members are always welcomed and shall be able to attend their first meeting at no charge. It is also suggested if your POD charges its members that the first meeting charged is covered by the rest of the POD.

New PODs

New PODs can be started by submitting a request to

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